BlueCoders is a full service Information Technology consulting firm providing a wide scale of services and solutions. Our technical consultants provide exceptional technology solution based on evolving technologies to solve customer's critical business issues.

Application Development and Maintenance

Do you have unique automation needs that cannot be met by a standard software product? Are you looking for a reliable partner to help you speed up time-to-market for new software products? Would you like to outsource the maintenance and support for your software assets?

BlueCoders develops high quality custom software applications that match your unique business processes and drive your competitive advantage. A robust methodology starts with your business needs, and translates your needs to design, architecture, development and deployment of the end application.

By leveraging in-depth experience in product engineering as well as rigorous processes, we create high quality products that meet with your time-to-market objectives.

Business Process Consulting

Technology is an important force in our growing economy as companies expand into new markets and service new customer groups. Finding the correct mix of business process, creative thinking, and hi-tech innovation is a delicate balance.

Business process management is the act of making your business processes more efficient, through common sense and technology. With a few simple business process changes you will save time, save money, maintain customer information, improve reporting abilities, and make better business decisions. It connects every part of your business by integrating different processes and eliminating unnecessary waste.

Strategic Infrastructure Planning

BlueCoders provide our customers with the best IT infrastructure management solutions, by carefully evaluating the existing network and systems, examining the business requirements, anticipating future growth, and finally selecting the best overall solutions. Our team will work very closely with the customers, from evaluating, designing, to implementing the total management solutions. We will provide the best short-term or long-term customized management through system and network support, help desk, IT planning, and more.  Our system and network engineers are very experienced with dedicated focus on details for planning, designing, deploying, managing, and upgrading. The technical staff is led by seasoned hands-on project managers, with years of industry practices.

Ecommerce and Rich Interactive Application Development

BlueCoders provide e-business application design, development, and implementation for sharing business information, maintaining business relationships, and conducting business transactions over the Web.  BlueCoders leverage the latest Rich Interactive Application development tools and methodologies to provide highly customized and interactive applications using Sliverlight, Adobe Flex, Flash and other similar technologies